John's Kayak Projects

During the past several years I have built a few kayaks and other things.  These web pages contain photographs and descriptions of my kayak-building that I want to share with friends, family and kayakers.  A couple of links at the bottom lead to my pages on sea kayaking in Fiji and kayaking etiquette.

NH Bow1.jpg (25505 bytes)

Night Heron

ExpSport.jpg (29302 bytes)
Expedition Sport


(My first strip-built kayak)

Redfish Spring Run


Outer Island

A stitch & glue hybrid!

Cirrus LT
(with Strip Deck)

Guillemot S

NoseClip5.jpg (108580 bytes)

Making Nose Clips


Prospector Canoe


Making Greenland Paddles

Barbie's Kayak  
Barbie's Kayak



Storing Kayaks


(my own design)
Taking Lines

Taking Lines from a Kayak
Stars and Stripes

Stars & Stripes
RoofRack4.jpg (417008 bytes)

Roof Rack

John's Kayaking Tips and Etiquette

Kayaking Fiji!

Fiji Islands 
Sea Kayaking

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