Storing Kayaks

My two car garage is currently home to seven kayaks, two canoes and still has room for two vehicles.  The boats are easily accessible, and the storage devices are inexpensive and low-technology.  Here's how my boats are stored:

Wall storage

Brackets sold at a local home improvement store (Home Depot) for 12 inch shelving work nicely to hold three or four kayaks against a wall.  These bracket are made from metal tubing and are each rated to carry a 50 pound load.  They are wrapped with pipe insulation.  The vertical supports are 2x4 boards covered with carpeting scraps. 

Wall-rack_sm.jpg (57765 bytes)

Ceiling Storage

The fancy pulley systems sold for storing kayaks may work, but plain trucker's straps work great too at a fraction of the cost.  It takes 12 or 15 foot look straps (total length) to make a hanger for a kayak that can be lowered for easy loading. 

Here's my garage now:
Garage-Storage.jpg (90661 bytes)

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Created July 4, 2006