Barbie's Kayak

What better activity between paddling and building kayaks than to build a model boat?  Or so I thought.   It was a lot of work to build, so I probably won't build another model for a long time.  Nevertheless, it turned out well enough for me to be proud.

The model I built was loosely based on a shortened Redfish Spring Run.  It's just a toy. 

Here are some photos.  Click any photo to view a larger image.  

 100-0001_img_6.jpg (173318 bytes)

Length: 28 inches
Width: 4 inches
Weight:  9 ounces

100-0002_img_5.jpg (189274 bytes)

The light color wood is Western Red Cedar.  The darker wood is also Western Red Cedar.  There is a dark trim of Peruvian Walnut. 

100-0003_img_5.jpg (233242 bytes)

Foam seat, Greenley style.   

The strips were flat-edged. Some were cut with bevels of 10 degrees on one or both edges so they would fit tightly.

100-0004_img_4.jpg (165497 bytes)

Four ounce glass over the outside.  The inside is sealed with two coats of epoxy to make it bathtub-ready. 

39_Relaxing.jpg (93023 bytes)

Kayaking Barbie.

43_Kayaking_Barbie.jpg (80122 bytes)

The coaming rim was made from thin strips of cedar curled around few times.

100-0005_img_4.jpg (216059 bytes)

Maiden launch in the backyard goldfish pond. 

100-0006_img_4.jpg (295525 bytes)

Another shot. 
53_A_Major_Good_Surf.jpg (124385 bytes)

We tried the boat in the surf at Galveston.  

A_Major_Good_Surf.jpg (14862 bytes)

Barbie handled the surf well. 

49_Barbie_Rolling.jpg (39682 bytes)

The boat isn't easy to roll, but we'll work on that.

Galv surf1.jpg (108343 bytes)

It's also a chick magnet.

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Thank you for allowing me to share these photos with you.   

Sincerely, John Caldeira

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Created October 13, 2003