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John's Night Heron

These pages contain photos taken during the construction of my Night Heron sea kayak.  I wanted a kayak that would be fast, easy to roll and fun to play in.  I also like the Greenland style of the Night Heron.  I built his boat from plans by Guillemot Kayaks.

Page 1: Stripping (you're here!)
Page 2: Fiberglassing
Page 3: Cockpit and Hatches
Page 4: Varnishing and Deck Rigging
Page 5: Launching! 

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 Bow_Strips.jpg (41530 bytes)

The internal stems were made from laminated cedar strips.  I find it easier to use laminated strips than to carve a single piece of wood.

The laminations make a nice, fair curve without a lot of planing.

Middle_Rear_Strips.jpg (35505 bytes)

This design has a fairly hard chine for a strip boat.  I'm using bead and cove strips that are about 0.23 inches thick and 3/4" wide.  On the chine area, I'm using 1/2" wide strips.  

The strips were cut from decking lumber purchased at Home Depot.

.Football closure.JPG (62782 bytes)

The Night Heron has a relatively flat bottom, with a lot of volume towards the ends.

A block plane and a piece of 60 grit sandpaper glued to a scrap strip made quick work of fitting the ends of the strips. 

NH Hull1.JPG (65415 bytes)

The bow and stern will have  external stems made of mahogany.


Bow view.JPG (46527 bytes)

The Night Heron is only 20" wide.

Hull_Nearly_Stripped.jpg (67221 bytes)

Another view.

Stern Deck1.JPG (65885 bytes)

I'm building without staples, except in some temporary strips.
Bow Deck1.JPG (60660 bytes)

The strips near the shear on the deck take some radical twists, and it took a combination of clamps, screws, tape and hot melt glue to hold them in position until the wood glue dried. 

Deck Stripping2.JPG (62859 bytes)

Sometimes I just have to stand back and admire the boat.  


NH Plans.jpg (97680 bytes)

The Night Heron plans. 

NH Bow1.jpg (25505 bytes)

The deck is covered!  This striped deck pattern is similar to a boat I saw in an R2K2 photo.  


NH Cockpit1.jpg (54354 bytes)

The entire boat is Western Red Cedar, except for the mahogany stems.  The light colored wood on the deck is from a single board of sapwood.  The dark accent strips are 1/8" wide strips from a chocolate-colored  board.    The hull is from light tan boards.  

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Created November 23, 2003