John's Night Heron

Page 2: Fiberglassing

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NH Stern1.jpg (37400 bytes)

The hull and deck edge strips are bead and cove, but the light and dark deck strips are butt-joined. 

Where strips are different colors, bead and cove strips might produce a wavy line when sanded, whereas flat-edge strips will keep a straight line. 

 I thought this striped deck design would show off the natural color diversity of western red cedar and also highlight the Night Heron's lines. 

Hull_glassed.jpg (59479 bytes)

The hull exterior is covered with 2 layers of 6 ounce fiberglass.  The rest of the boat gets one layer of 6 ounce fiberglass.

It is cooler weather now, November, so I am using Raka 127 resin and 350 no-blush hardener.  In the summer I prefer MAS resin and slow hardener because it has a longer pot life.    

Hull_Fill_coats.jpg (62119 bytes)

I tried to keep the stems relatively small for visual balance and also to keep the weight down.


Freezer.JPG (33287 bytes)

I'm fortunate to have a freezer in the garage so I can store brushes, rollers and glue to get multiple use out of them.  Typically I get a few days use out of each brush and roller.

Hull_inside_glassed.JPG (67884 bytes)

The inside of the hull was fiberglassed while the deck was curing.

Inside_Hull2.jpg (37961 bytes)

Spreader sticks in the hull keep the proper beam until the hull and deck are joined.  I don't want to wrestle it together!

Cockpit_Risers2.jpg (73765 bytes)

Cockpit risers are glued to each other with wood glue, and to the deck cutout with a drop of hot melt glue.

Cockpit_Risers1.jpg (73235 bytes)

Another view.

Working_hull+deck.jpg (68786 bytes)

And another.

Composite_coaming_rim1.jpg (80670 bytes)

The coaming rim is made from woven carbon fiber and fiberglass, molded over pieces of foam shaped from an insulation sheet.

Forms_in-hull.jpg (67087 bytes)

The strongback is inside the hull again, and I'm pleased that it's still an exact fit.

This is the second boat built on this strongback. I extended it about one foot after building my last boat.

Bow_form1.jpg (65849 bytes)

The bow and stern end forms are removed from the strongback so they won't interfere with the bow and stern fillets.

The forms are made from 1/2" plywood and the strongback is from 3/4" plywood.  The end forms fit snugly into the slot in the strongback. 

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Created November 23, 2003