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 stern_pour.jpg (139752 bytes)

The position of carrying loop holes were marked on each end of the boat, and small end-pours of epoxy and microballoons were made using a temporary dam from a plastic milk carton.

Stern_Loop.JPG (189776 bytes)

The exact positioning of the hole allowed for very small end pours.  After the hull and deck were joined, I added an ounce or two of an epoxy-microballoon slurry end-pour to seal the ends. 

cockpit_reinforce.jpg (180367 bytes)

The underside of the deck was covered with 4 ounce e-glass cloth.  The cloth was applied in two parts: From the bow to the rear of the cockpit recess, and from the stern to the front of the cockpit recess.  Thus, the cockpit area has a double layer of cloth for more strength.  

hatch_rims.jpg (165824 bytes)

Hatch rims were made form fiberglass and graphite cloth.  A strip of graphite cloth was added behind the cockpit for extra strength, but this probably isn't needed since a wood bulkheads was later added at this location. 

bulkhed_loose_fit2.jpg (174764 bytes)

The bulkheads were shaped from form stations, and rough pit to the boat before gluing the hull and deck together.

Coaming_rim2.jpg (222517 bytes)

The coaming rim was made from thin strips of 1/8" thick mahogany, 3/8" wide.  

coaming_rim3.jpg (211727 bytes)

A messy process, dealing with long, sticky pieces of coaming rim.  The cockpit area was masked off to contain the mess. 

cockpit_rim1.jpg (279927 bytes)
cockpit_finished.jpg (242567 bytes)

We've fast-forwarded to the outfitting of the boat.  I really like my Guillemot seat and backrest, so I went with the same on this boat.  

cockpit_finished2.JPG (672817 bytes)

Just another shot of the cockpit. 

cockpit_forward.JPG (490378 bytes)

I installed Yakima footbraces, as they seem to hold their position better under tougher conditions such as rolling and racing.

Finished1.JPG (157607 bytes)

This is the finished boat!  I am so proud.

Finished2.JPG (223964 bytes)

Rear view.

SR_onthewater1.JPG (108342 bytes)

My friend Steve tries the boat on it's first day in the water.  The Spring Run tracks very well, and had no significant weathercocking in moderate winds. 

SR_onthewater2.JPG (74870 bytes)

The primary stability is a little weak, but the rounded bottom provides good secondary stability and a low paddler center of gravity.  It rolls okay, but not as easily as my Guillemot.  I will add inside knee braces to make the rolling a little easier. 

SR_onthewater3.JPG (120553 bytes)

This will be a fun boat, and one I will enjoy for camping, winter paddling, and to loan to new kayakers. 

GVL_Aug_24.jpg (126472 bytes)

Thank you for allowing me to share these boat building photos with you.


John Caldeira

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Created August 21, 2003