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deck1.JPG (205170 bytes)

Originally, I planned to build this kayak with only one color of wood -- including the stems and combing rim, but western red cedar is so variable that I decided to save that idea for another boat, when working with a more uniform wood species. 

recess1.jpg (172056 bytes) recess3.jpg (182738 bytes)

Clamps of all styles...



recess2.jpg (222589 bytes)

I plan to add knee braces to help with rolling and for shade, so I've covered most of the cockpit recess with wood.


bow_view.jpg (137708 bytes)

More and more of the boat is coming together now.  It looks so ragged now, but with epoxy the true colors will appear.

almost_ready_to_fair.jpg (199747 bytes)

A thin walnut trim strip separates the light sapwood cedar from the darker cedar.

working_on_cockpit_recess.jpg (239967 bytes)

Fairing time.

stern_pre-finish.jpg (205458 bytes)


deck_nearly_stripped.jpg (229234 bytes) Bow_sealed.JPG (384114 bytes)

The deck was removed and the hull wet-out with  sealing coat of epoxy.  Then I filled the cracks with a putty made from color-matched sanding dust, baking flour, and epoxy.

Stem_sealed.JPG (217438 bytes)

A mahogany stem.

Hull_dry_cloth.JPG (260758 bytes)

Six ounce cloth ready to be epoxied.

stern_dry_cloth.JPG (279151 bytes)

The cloth drapes nicely over the ends without trimming.

stern_keel_patch.JPG (511451 bytes)

Another layer of fiberglass along the keel will protect the boat from abrasion. 

keel_patch.JPG (623801 bytes)

The keel patch was taped, then the glass was trimmed when while the epoxy was still soft.

two-halves.JPG (85740 bytes)

Now I can work on the deck and hull at the same time.  The deck is being prepared for epoxy.

spreader_sticks.JPG (247977 bytes)

Spreader sticks prevent the hull from warping while it's off the mold.  The inside of the hull needs scraping, sanding and then fiberglass applied.

ready_for_wet-out.JPG (109883 bytes)

The deck is ready to be sealed with epoxy.  The I'll fill gaps with putty, sand, and then glue fiberglass. 

Next steps are to fiberglass the deck and finish the inside of the hull.

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