Prospector Canoe - FINISHED!

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Finally, the canoe gets wet!  It sat in my garage several months while I went on several overseas and domestics trips.  At least the varnish is good and hard now!


Finished2.jpg (254948 bytes)

The Prospector paddles well solo from the bow seat or kneeling.  Very stable feeling.

When paddled tandem, the primary stability was a little tender, but the secondary stability was excellent.  The boat could be leaned to the gunnel without any tendency to flip.  

Finished3.jpg (342482 bytes)

We tried three people in the canoe, and it paddled well with the 200 pounds of third person sitting on a foam pad in the middle. 

Finished4.jpg (225977 bytes)

The rocker allows the canoe to turn very well when edged, so this seems a good boat for freestyle canoeing. 

Finished5.jpg (205276 bytes)

I'm looking forward to seeing how the boat performs in whitewater!

Thank you for reading.  A special thanks to Ted Moores of Bear Mountain Boat Shop for his wonderful book on canoe building (it includes the plans for this boat!) and his internet message board where I gleaned great tips on  building canoes.


 John Caldeira

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Created July 23, 2006